About Us

Proven Publishing is a comprehensive publishing services firm based out of Atlanta, Georgia. We’re a small company that’s made big waves in the publishing industry by offering a full range of high-quality services at competitive prices.

Our Mission:

"Our mission is to transform the publishing industry by providing the general public access to the highest standards of planning, design, print, and marketing, at affordable prices."

Proven Publishing values the environment. Our books are printed on long-lasting acid-free paper. When it is available, we choose paper that has been manufactured by environmentally responsible practices. These may include using trees grown in sustainable forests, incorporating recycled paper, minimizing chlorine in bleaching, or recycling the energy produced at the paper mill. Proven Publishing is also a member of the Tree Neutral™ initiative, which works to offset paper consumption through tree planting.

Proven Publishing values diversity. Proven is a woman-owned and minority-owned small business. Our staff, consultants, representatives, and contractors are comprised of over 40% women and minorities. Knowing that diverse clients have diverse needs, we employ representatives that reflect the growing ethnic and socioeconomic diversity of America.

Proven Publishing values corporate ethics. As one of a few small companies to successful leverage industry-baseline prices and offer them to the general public, we make minimal profit from our publishing packages. Our goal is to thrive on the volume of our client base, rather than individual client transaction size. To do so, we depend on (and reward) referrals from our clients. You don’t get referrals with employing strict ethics, solid company values, clear communication, and high-quality services.