We Help You Meet All Your Publishing Needs

Book Development

Is your book written? We can help get it done!

Includes: Expert author coaching, editing, layout and typesetting.

$500 $800 Value
Over 35% Off in Savings

author coaching webcam

Book Publishing

Is your book in print? We help make it happen!

Includes: Cover design, isbn & barcode, ebook and print files.

$500 $900 Value
Over 55% Off in Savings

Book Marketing

Is your book selling?
We can help!

Includes: Social media promo campaign, press and sales assets.

$500 $850 Value
Nearly 60% Off in Savings

Publish by Phone

  Thought it couldn’t get any easier? Well, we’ve found a proven formula for getting the best books done easily! 

How? No, we don’t believe in ghostwriting, because we know we can get incredible content from even the most challenged authors through our amazing Publish by Phone™ process. Want to find out how? Contact us to get started! We can complete most projects under 200 pages in under 30 days and for under $2000! This includes everything in our Development, Publishing, and Marketing packages, all for $1500!

We Take Authors From Concept to Creation for Only $1500
and offer financing and payment plans too!

The team behind Proven Publishing are industry veterans in independent publishing, with a total of 30 years of experience in the field.

Here’s Why You Can Trust The Proven Publishing Formula!

We handle almost every detail of your project, except the writing! But since that’s the hardest part, we also offer author coaching and other services to help you get finished…and get published! After that, we can help you with sales, distribution and other needs!

Additional Service Options

We can help you with just about anything you need! From author coaching to video trailers, we provide a full range of additional services and options to complete your next project!


  • Transcription/Typing $5 per page
  • Additional Editing $5 per page


  • DIrect Sales Consulting $100
  • Distribution Consulting $100
  • Amazon Consulting $100


  • Car Door Magnets (Set of 2) $100
  • 1000 Business/Promo Cards $150
  • 1000 Stickers $200
  • Book Banner (Includes Design) $250


  • Custom Cover Layout $150-$300 (based on pictures and text to be included)
  • Custom Interior Layout $150-$300 (based on content diversity)
  • Pictures in Page $5 per picture
  • Color Pages Additional 0.05 per page
  • Author/Publisher Logo and Branding $150
  • Identity Package w/ Stationary $250


  • One Sheet/Sales Sheet $100
  • Promotional Graphics (Set of 5) $150
  • Video Trailer $200
  • Social Promotional Campaign $250
    (1 Month: 20 posts + 2 sponsored ads)
  • Press Release and Distribution $350
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